Juha Ristolainen

Any views expressed on this site are fully my own and do not represent views of any of my employers, advisees or mentees.

I am a Finnish CTO, Technologist and software craftsman with two decades of professional experience and have been writing code since 1986. I am open to additional advisory roles with interesting startups especially in the Blockchain space.

Currently my main focus lies with Blockchain and how the technology can be utilised to transform a lot of industries, supply chain & logistics included. My current main languages are Rust and Go.

I don't really care about all the cryptocurrency hype but rather the underlying enabling technology. It can help us bring the next revolution of the Internet (Web 3.0) forth with decentralisation. Imagine Facebook, Uber or AirBnb without the controlling middleman corporation, fully decentralised among users… Powerful.

I am open to additional Board and Advisory Board memberships.

When I am not working with Blockchain, I am most likely working on one of these:

  • Serverless and/or containerised microservices in Azure, AWS and GCP with Go, Rust, .NET Core, Node.js and Python. Love Kubernetes and Istio. GraphQL APIs.
  • Modern and progressive webapps with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue, Angular.
  • Cross-platform mobile apps with Xamarin or Flutter and JavaSript-based frameworks like React Native for React or NativeScript for Angular.
  • New interface paradigms like conversational and voice interfaces.
  • Interested in Machine Learning and AI applications.