Professional Services

I have worked delivering software products and projects for the last 18 years in all phases of the SDLC from developer to CTO in travel, automotive, eCommerce, startup accelerator, innovation unit to service delivery agency in B2C and B2B contexts and after 18 years wanted to switch to being my own boss as a freelancer.

The way we (and I) delivered projects at Futurice is distilled into a great methodology by the colleagues there. You can learn more at Lean Service Creation

Full disclosure I am currently an advisor in the following companies: Trucks for Tracks, DStoq, YoungWorks and Eventopedia.

I provide professional services on a freelance contract basis around these topics as well as provide technical advisory support to companies.


Technical leadership of teams and departments in an open and transparent fashion. Team building, engineering culture building, line management, goal setting, coaching and mentoring, career path development, stakeholder management, strategy, roadmap and planning, recruitment.

Cloud native

How to build cloud native services for scale. Container-based (Docker) microservices orchestrated to Service Mesh (or without) clusters with Kubernetes on Google, Amazon or Microsoft clouds. Clean architectures with separation of concerns, backend services providing a unified API (RESTful, GraphQL, gRPC, etc.) thru an API gateway to all client applications (public or internal) ranging from Progressive Web Apps and native or cross-platform mobile apps (Xamarin, React Native, NativeScript, Qt) to bots and voice-driven interfaces all deployed via automation.


Setting up and working on DevOps practices with Infrastructure-as-Code approach using tools like Terraform to automate provisioning and teardown of infrastructure (GitOps) and Ansible for configuration. Automated build, test, deploy pipelines using approaches like canary or green/blue deployments. Proper monitoring, logging and alerting of systems using communications channels used by your company (SlackOps).


Blockchain advisor and consultancy services as well as smart contract implementation with HyperLedger Fabric, Ethereum (Solidity) or Stellar and web3.js work.


Helping teams with their agile delivery processes be it Scrum, Kanban or some homegrown practise.

I have a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a Certified Scrum Master certificate.

Just pure old writing code

I would love to also work in writing code in Golang or Rust but over the years have also worked with C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Python, Ruby.


I am physically located in Berlin, Germany or remote but can travel if necessary.

Please send me a message on LinkedIn if you are intested in hearing more…